Spring Meadow Digital Download [Single]




In the pre-dawn light, the plants turn to face the sun. With the dawning of the day comes the awakening of the creatures who make the meadow home. Slowly and sleepily at first, the activity builds as they ready themselves for the day ahead. A butterfly gives a few sleepy flutters of its wings before it is ready to face the day. It launches itself into the air and travels to a nearby pond. On arrival, the butterfly finds the pond recently disturbed although a new equilibrium is soon reached and natural sounds resume. The croaking of the frogs is the first sound to return soon followed by the sounds of fish breaching the water’s surface. Restless, the butterfly takes to the air and flutters over a meadow of grass and flowers softly blowing in the breeze. It begins its flight high above the ground enjoying the sound of the birds and finds itself winding through the flowers as the day draws to a close. With the setting of the sun, the creatures slowly wind down for the night. A final breeze rustles through the meadow as the last rays of the sun disappear from the horizon.

Composition, Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, and Bass Flute: Lisa Graham
Engineer: Carey Parder
Recorded at HummingBird Studios, Calgary, Alberta